Next generation refrigerator 2

Arçelik, Istanbul, Turkey

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Meat, Fish, Fruits & Vegetables, Dairy

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GHG emissions reduction, energy consumption reduction

As a consequence of the labelling system update (reintroducing categories A-G), it might be projected that the average energy index in the market be upgraded up to 30% until 2025, when compared to the  current situation in the market. To achieve this goal, the project will demonstrate the application of the most innovative technologies and control strategies, such as variable speed compressors, Vacuum Insulated Panels and new high-performance foams.​

In order to get top level sustainable and flexible cooling targets, refrigerant blend and EEV implementation on the refrigerator have high importance.

R290 has higher pressure and mass flow rates values compared to R600a. Therefore, blend of R290/R600a has the potential of both quick and energy efficient cooling in case the accurate mixing ratio is achieved.

EEV (Electronic expansion valve) implementation has the benefit of flexible cooling on the refrigerator operating under different ambient conditions. Since the refrigerators have variable cooling needs depending on environment and user conditions, flexible cooling needs should be met.

In addition to those topics, alternative effective PU insulation studies will be evaluated in order to decrease total heat gain and increase cycle efficiency.



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