Application of advanced integrated and holistic management and control to optimise the performance of demonstration activities under multi-dimensional targets of sustainability for a whole supply chain. To be demonstrated across at least 3 selected cases of the demos, with the largest potential of benefitting from the advanced integrated control. Selection of most suitable demos, based on GHG emission reduction potential, will be done by the project management team.

Holistic supply chain management and control

Distributed, virtual.

Holistic control of a Farm2Fork supply chain as a whole.

Elicitation and extraction of trust and performance from the stakeholders of a food supply chain.

This demo is about eliciting, extracting, and creating value from a set of separate components and stakeholders that make up a supply chain process. It is based on the application of the SDS (Smart Data System) framework achieved in the context of WP5. By the enrolment of selected case studies as nodes into a supply chain graph, a holistic optimization and control is expected. 

Demo 1 applies and enforces the holistic systemic approach of the SDS at three major levels, namely the OT (Operational Technology), IT (Information Technology) and choreography, Operations Management and decision support. With the vertical integration of these three levels, the performance of the components and of the whole are maximized with respect to the several dimensions of the SDGs, with primary concern on total GHG control. 

This demo aims at improving the performance that are obtained separately on each of the case studies in order to augment their sustainability dimensions range when they participate collaboratively, though autonomously, into a supply chain process.



UNIVPM, Marche Polytechnic University, Massimiliano Pirani,