The CO2 refrigeration unit in Rørosmeieriet AS

The hot water storage tank system in Rørosmeieriet AS

Energy smart dairy

Rørosmeieriet AS, Røros, Norway

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Dairy energy system

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Energy efficiency improvement; GHG emissions reduction; waste heat recovery.

Rørosmeieriet AS (RM), founded in 2001, is the largest organic dairy in Norway. A CO2 refrigeration sector is the core of the current energy system. It consists of four parallel units, connecting the cold and warm sides of the process.

On the cold side, cold glycol is provided and utilized for cooling process water, cooling air in the cold storage room, and air conditioning.

On the warm side, the CO2 refrigeration units recover the waste heat from the cold side and produce hot process water for process heating, clean in place (CIP) as well as domestic hot water (DHW).

The excess hot water is stored in a hot water tank system. In WP6, detailed mapping of the current energy flows in RM will be conducted to identify the thermal demands and requirements.

Then the energy system will be optimized and process integration strategies will be proposed for the energy efficiency improvement and GHG emissions reduction.

The potential for installing a cold thermal energy storage system will the evaluated to increase the flexibility and robustness of the refrigeration system.


Kristina Norne Widell,