Display cabinet with thermal storage unit

Prototype of a display cabinet equipped with thermal storage unit and tested in laboratory (INRAE France)

Commercial site (supermarket)

The technology will be demonstrated in a relevant environment (commercial site) during the project

Thermal storage unit for refrigeration cycle


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Meat, Fish, Fruits & Vegetables, Dairy


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Demand side management allows a greater efficiency and flexibility in the grid management to have a better match between supply and demand and facilitate the use of intermittent sources of renewable energy

Most of renewable energy sources are intermittent and not easily predictable. Hence, there is a growing interest towards energy storage systems, especially in combination with demand side management (DSM) strategies.

In the project, the technology will be demonstrated for a display cabinet with closed doors, but it must be noted that it has the potential to be used the same way in most of the vapour compression cycles.

The accumulator is integrated as a component of the refrigerating system, enabling a direct heat transfer between refrigerant and PCM, increasing the efficiency of the charge/discharge processes. The thermal storage unit can be inserted in new or existing devices and located inside or outside the refrigerated room. Charge and discharge are activated only if necessary, with no perturbation of defrosting cycles. Transfer during discharge is based on thermosiphon effect, with a refrigerant flow generated without additional pump.

After preliminary tests in laboratory, a demonstration in a relevant environment will be developed and tested applying DSM scenarios.


Denis Leducq: denis.leducq@inrae.fr

A novel approach to integrate cold energy storage in a vapour compression cycle; M. A. Yedmel, R. Hunlede, S. Lacour, G. Alvarez, A. Delahaye, D. Leducq