CO2 Pressure Exchanger for retail - XTE PX integration into EPTA packs


(Supermarket or retail store CO2 Transcritical remote system)


Epta expects an impact on the electrical energy consumption associated to an increase of system COP.

A pressure exchanger has been proposed in recent years as a device able to recover expansion work and improve the performance of a vapor compression refrigeration system.

The proposed sector of application  is all retail application of refrigeration with natural refrigerant R744, so any kind of food or stuff requiring refrigeration equipment with the following general objectives:

  • increase in the level of confidence of a specific detailed solution, demonstrating the feasibility and performance in the field;
  • verify the behavior of the overall system in a significant range of operational condition starting from the different seasonal external temperature, the changes of the refrigeration capacity during it’s operation phase ( day-night, open-close sales point )
  • to get et significant information on reliability -of paramount importance in the refrigeration sector- of the solution to promote a commercial stage;
  • collect and process data from the demonstration activities to feed the dissemination process e.g. energy flows or mass flow and/or other process parameter to get a measured efficiency and consequently, energy consumptions, indirect CO2 emissions;
  • to confirm some details of the P&I , sizing of ancillary equipment




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