Extending the use of DSR at supermarkets

Thermal storage unit for refrigeration cycle


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Meat, Fish, Fruits & Vegetables, Dairy

Thermal storage

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Demand Side Response (DSR) will be optimized at a concept store in the UK. The possibility of using display cabinets as thermal energy storages (TES) by switching them off during short periods, reducing the load on the grid and preventing the need to use high carbon options, will be evaluated. The storage of energy by using the grid during surplus will be possible to improve the system efficiency, for example by cold TES.

Currently data from a range of supermarkets has been analysed to ensure that baseline operation is optimised. A number initiatives to reduce energy have already been identified and are being applied. This will lead to an updated baseline to test the DRS/TES concepts.



Judith Evans : j.a.evans@lsbu.ac.uk